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我应该回大学吗? Understanding the Benefits of Going Back To School

根据 National Student Clearinghouse Research Center’s 一些大学,没有学位报告, 超过3600万美国人接受过高等教育,但没有完成学位,因此不再入学.

对于这些人来说, 回答重返大学的问题感觉就像一场摔跤比赛. 表面上看,这似乎很容易, 但作为有一些大学学历但没有学位的人,要应对这种复杂性, challenges and costs of going back to school, they may begin to question if it’s worth it.

十大正规赌博平台大全排行在这里告诉你获得大学学位的价值, proving why it’s worth it to go back to college.

Going Back To School: 教育 Trends For Nontraditional Students

If you’re planning to go back to school, you most likely fall into the category of nontraditional student. 非传统年龄学生被认为是25岁及以上的学生. 这些学生中的许多人担心回到大学,在年轻的学生中感到尴尬和不适应.

然而, 随着25岁及以上大学生人数的增加,“非传统”一词正变得越来越不准确. 根据政府运营的国家教育统计中心的数据, 成年学生完成学位越来越普遍. 


  • 41%: 2000年至2017年间,25-34岁的大学生入学率增长
  • 4.400万: 预计到2028年,25-34岁的大学生入学人数
  • 6%: 2000年至2017年期间,35岁及以上大学入学学生的增长
  • 3.300万: 预计到2028年,35岁及以上的大学生入学人数

If you’re concerned about going back to school as a working adult, know that you won’t be alone in your pursuits. As the population of adults attending college becomes larger, there are more colleges designed to meet the needs of working adults.

获得大学学位的好处永远不会嫌老. Let’s look at some of the tangible reasons to go back to college.


说到支付学费,助学金是你最好的选择之一. 但你知道怎么找到他们吗? Remove the guesswork by downloading this free guide.


5 Compelling Reasons to Go Back To College

The impact of a college degree is more than a sales pitch, 有可靠的数据支持重返大学获得学位的价值.


  1. The cost of dropping out of college measured by lost earnings is a 结合3美元.每年80亿美元 (教育数据). 对大多数学生来说, 从大学退学可能意味着签约时每年少赚2.5万美元 比那些毕业的.
  2. 没有获得学士学位的人的失业率一直较高。劳工统计局). 2021年7月, 拥有副学士学位或大学学历但没有学位的人的失业率为5%,与3相比.1% for individuals with a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  3. 根据 National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE)56.6% of employers screen candidates by their GPA. Going back to college is not only an opportunity to earn your degree, but also to improve your GPA and stand out to top employers.
  4. 根据 Association of 公共 and Land Grant Universities (APLU), 大学毕业生获得雇主提供的医疗保险的可能性要高出47%, and employers contribute 74% more to the costs of health coverage 对于有学位的员工.
  5. The Association of American Colleges and Universities 2021 survey of employers found that nearly 十分之九的雇主认为获得大学学位是绝对或可能值得的. 大学学位最重要的成就是团队合作能力,  批判性思维, ability to analyze and interpret data, application of knowledge in real-world settings and digital literacy.

Answering 4 Big Questions About Going Back To College

Going back to college is a major decision. As you weigh your options, you probably have many questions. 十大正规赌博平台大全排行在这里帮助你回答一些关于重返大学的最常见问题. 

  • Does going back to college make good financial sense? Getting your college degree is a significant financial investment. 然而, 在评估你的教育成本时,你需要考虑到长期的收入潜力. Lifetime earnings of individuals with some college is $1,547,000美元与2美元相比,268,000 for bachelor’s degree holders (APLU).
  • Will I have to start from scratch? Most likely, no, you will not have to start from scratch. Transfer credit policies are set at the university level, 这意味着一些学校比其他学校有更慷慨的转学分政策. 在选择完成学位的大学之前,确保你对学分如何转移有充分的了解. 免费工具 Franklin’s transfer credit evaluation tool 提供一个非正式的评估,估计你的转移学分在短短10分钟内.
  • When is too late to go back to college? It’s never too late to go back to college. 完成学位是一项成就,对个人、职业和经济都是有益的. 然而, some previously earned credits may expire. 通常, course credits within the science, 技术, 工程, 和数学(STEM)领域将在10年内到期,因为这些领域的不断进步. You can find more answers to credit expiration questions here
  • How difficult will it be to finish? 完成你的学位需要奉献,但是通过适当的计划,你可以做到这一点. 选择合适的大学可以让你更容易完成你的学位. 作为一个工作的成年人, 找到一个灵活的, 在线课程将帮助你在你的时间表上获得学位,这可能是你是否完成学位的关键区别.

Choose A Transfer-Friendly 在线 College For Working Adults

115年来,十大正规赌博平台大全排行一直致力于帮助忙碌的成年人完成大学学位. 这种承诺和经验建立了一种旨在满足工作专业人员特定需求的经验, especially those with some college and no degree.

十大正规赌博平台大全排行是一所转学友好的大学,提供100%适合您日程安排的在线学位. Franklin accepts up to 94 transfer credit hours, which is about 75% of the credit you need to earn your degree. Whether you have taken a short or long break in your education, Franklin can help you get back on track to graduation.

了解更多有关 十大正规赌博平台大全排行的经历 and how it can empower you to complete your degree.

Where to Find Free Money to go Back to School
Learn how to get grants to cut college costs.